Let us help you craft an identity that gives you mass appeal with your customers.


Brand Concept

You have an idea for a business but need a little help to make it zing? A brand concept helps you refine the who, what, where and why of your business.

Brand Naming
Competitor Insights
Consumer Insights
Clearly Defined USP
Brand Positioning

Logos, Fonts & Colours

Logos, fonts & colours speak volumes about the personality of your business and strongly shape your customers first impressions.

Monograms, Wordmarks & Lettermarks
Pictoral Marks, Abstract Marks & Emblems
Creation of your own font sets
Development of your own brand colours

Brand Guides

A brand guide pulls together all the parts of your brand and sets guidelines on how, when and where they can be used. This helps keep your communications looking both smart and consistent.

Logos, Fonts & Colours
When & Where to Use Them
Attributes, Benefits, Values, Personality
Why You Exist & What You Stand For
Visual and Verbal Tone

Marketing Collateral

You have a brand, now let us take care of all of your marketing and design work.

Business Cards
Signage & Brand 'Art'
Leaflets, Flyers & Brochures
Outdoor & Digital Billboards
Digital Web Banners

Defining Your 'Why'

Defining 'why' your business exists gives you a clear purpose. We can show you how to use that purpose to target your customers.

Detailed Audience Analysis
In-depth Senior Team Q&A
Key Phrase Research
How to use your 'Why'
How can branding help?

A well thought out brand cannot be duplicated and that is your competitive advantage. Branding includes your identity, mission, vision, brand values, brand voice, brand promise, positioning and messaging for your target audiences. When these come together, they form a unique DNA and form the experience people have when dealing with your business. With consistent brand experience you can build a raving fan base with unwavering brand loyalty. A strong brand will also:

Create an affinity or emotional connection with the consumer.
Provide justification for paying a premium price for a service or product
Demonstrate the quality and benefits of a service or product and the company behind it.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. It is the cohesive look and feel of a business that identifies one seller's good or service as from everyone else and includes your brand colours, fonts and logos.

What are brand values?

Brand values are also part of your brand identity. A strong set of brand values elevates a business and builds recognition and loyalty. Customers are attracted to brands that share similar values with them. When you showcase what you value through branding, customers will develop an emotional connection to you.

Where do I start?

The first place to start when branding your business is to determine who your customers are and question your very existence. Some good questions to answer include:

Why do you exist?
What differentiates you?
What problem do you solve?
Why should people care?

If you can answer these types of questions with strong enough answers then all other areas of your brand will be created with a strong sense of purpose.

Are there tax breaks?

HMRC is a little vague in this area and it's worth checking with your accountant. However, they have set out a number of rules and you can read more here.

What are brand guides?

Brand guidelines explain how your brand works. A brand guide can include your; identity, mission, vision, brand values, brand voice, brand promise, positioning and messaging for your target audiences.

A brand guide is used to train new employees, can be sent out with press releases and used by designers to keep your identity consistent across marketing materials as you grow.

"HOX's expertise and insight were incredibly valuable and ensured our brand was not only ‘speaking the right language’ but reflected us as individuals. We are thoroughly impressed and look forward to continuing this valuable working relationship."

Tom - Barefaced Brewing

"As a business starting from scratch HOX helped us with everything. They were 110% on-board from day one and we couldn't have launched our business without the wealth of knowledge and resources they brought to the table."

Joy - Maison Société

"HOX has helped us achieve our online goals with our new website that now works functionally across all platforms. We couldn't be happier with the end result."

Matt - South Coast Electrics