Your business needs fresh content to keep your audience interested and we can deliver it.

Content Creation


We can curate a library of great content for you to use across your marketing channels as and when you need it.

Product Shoots
Lifestyle Shoots
Ad Campaign Shoots
Team Photo Shoots


Video is the number one online performer and a short video can give you the means to advertise to 100,000's of potential customers with an incredible ROI.

Web Videos
Promotional Videos
Educational Videos
Training Films
Instagram Stories


Animation allows us to build engagement while articulating a brand's identity and intention.

Cinema 4d
Real Flow

Creative Writing

We can use our creative writing skills to speak in a tone and personality that strikes a cord with your ideal customer.

Blog Posts
Website Copy
Email Newsletters
Social Media Copy
Press Releases
What is content creation?

Content creation is all forms of visual and verbal creative that can be used across your website, social platforms and printed collateral (e.g. photography, videography and copywriting). All social-savvy companies have teams that produce and curate libraries of content to share across their marketing channels and it's seen as an absolute necessity to keep these libraries well stocked with authentic content.

Is it important?

Having a good library of content is vital in allowing you to go hell-for-leather in the pursuit of your target audience. Without high-quality content you've got nothing. Don't make the mistake of starting out on a social platform if you don't have the means to back it up with content that people will want to engage with.

Are videos expensive?

Video can be expensive, but it doesn't always have to be. The length, the location and whether you need to pay the people in your video all play a role in how much a job will cost. We try to keep costs down by focusing on short videos of 60 seconds or less that tell your brand story using real locations and real people.

Are videos worth doing?

Yes we can! We love building online stores for our clients. All of our e-commerce shops use the Stripe platform to receive and process payments and we can set that up for you too.

"HOX's expertise and insight were incredibly valuable and ensured our brand was not only ‘speaking the right language’ but reflected us as individuals. We are thoroughly impressed and look forward to continuing this valuable working relationship."

Tom - Barefaced Brewing

"As a business starting from scratch HOX helped us with everything. They were 110% on-board from day one and we couldn't have launched our business without the wealth of knowledge and resources they brought to the table."

Joy - Maison Société

"HOX has helped us achieve our online goals with our new website that now works functionally across all platforms. We couldn't be happier with the end result."

Matt - South Coast Electrics