Reach your customers with the right information in the right place.

Digital Marketing

Customer Audit

Who are they, where are they, what are they saying and what are they unhappy about? These are just a few of the fundamental questions you need to understand in order to successfully attract new customers.

Discover Your Top 20% of Customers
Blog and Social Research
Keyword & Keyphrase Research
Create Your Dream Buyer Avatar

Digital Automation

Guide your target audience along a path of enlightenment that ends with them becoming a customer. We're great at marketing automation.

Automated Chat Bots
Automated Tasks via Zapier & IFTTT
Automated Follow Up Emails
Multi-Step Sales Funnel Automations

Targeted Campaigns

Reach, engage & convert your audience with social media ads that funnel customers to your product or service

Google Ads & Google Remarketing
Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram
Youtube Video Ads
A/B Testing & Refinement
Monthly Reporting
What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the collective term for all the modern channels that allow information to be spread about your brand. For example; social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines and websites.

What is it important?

Digital marketing allows you to reach your audience in the place they now spend the most time - online. As long as you know your target audience, you can put your product or service in front of them for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional sales and marketing techniques. What's more, any digital marketing you do online is highly measurable, allowing you to continually improve your techniques.

What is targeted marketing?

Targeted marketing determines a likely audience for your products or services, and then directly targets that audience. This helps improve your return on investment. As a rule of thumb, take the 20% of your customers responsible for the 80% of your revenue, and focus on knowing who they are and what they want.

Will it increase sales?

Digital marketing helps increase sales by converting potential customers into loyal customers. This is done by using all your channels together to gradually lead people from 'slightly interested' to 'I want to buy from this brand'. How do you do this? By creating value.

The buying process is widely recognised consist of 3 main stages; awareness, consideration and decision. During the first stage, your audience identifies that they have a problem and start looking for a solution. During the second stage, they begin to consider all the possible solutions to the problem and in the third stage, they assess different providers to see which one can better solve their problem.

The idea is to that you create content for each of the different stages of the buying process. If you want to talk about your brand or mention it, it is recommended that you wait until the decision stage, when your prospects are looking for providers. If you mention it before this, they may feel overwhelmed and won’t see the value of what you’re offering. How does all this content generate sales? It’s pretty straightforward. The secret is to guide potential customers through each stage by, connecting all your content to each other until they choose your product. It has been proven that those brands that create value for consumers gain their custom and loyalty. Ultimately, this translates into more sales.

Can marketing be automated?

Yes, and chances are you've already used some form of automation. Digital marketing automation can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns. When working at its best, it is a healthy mixture of software and strategy. Digital marketing allows you to nurture your audience with highly personalised, useful content that helps convert them into customers. Be aware that the success of your automation techniques rests in the quality of your content and how well you know your customer.

What is a customer audit?

A customer audit allows you to pin-point exactly who your customers are and where best to target them. Knowing your customer and their habits is the starting point and foundation to all successful digital marketing. You can download our free 10 Step Customer Audit at the bottom of the page that can help clarify this or we can conduct one on your behalf.

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